28 Bulls and 10 yearling Heifers
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Over 100 Years of Nash/Deewall Herefords

Filled with Jelly, Cookies, Candies, Spiced Pecans, BBQ Sauce, Crazy Caramel Corn, Quick Breads, Giant Muffins and more

Updated: September 2016 Price List

Please call me for information. Great for Christmas, Welcome gifts, Thank You gifts, Silent Auctions, Special thank you gifts for family, friends and customers, anytime of the year.   Call me soon to add your name to our list - Jane  (620) 635-6511

  • Jellies-$5.00/jarPlum Good Strawberry, Chokecherry, Blackberry, Blushing Peach,    Loganberry, Boysenberry, Mint, Crabapple Blueberry, Wild Sand Plum. Chocolate Raspberry.

        (Some kinds are limited –we reserve the right to substitute when necessary)

  • Syrups - Strawberry, Blushing Peach, Chokecherry - 8 Oz Bottles - $6.00
  • Cookies large 3” diameter- $7.00/doz,

       Jane’s Chocolate Chip
       Sugar & Spice
       Jane’s Double Chocolate
       Oatmeal & Raisin      
       Sugar Cookies
       Coconut Cranberry shortbread cookies- smaller cookie 
       Glazed Lemon Cookies

  • Candies

      Chocolate Pecan or Walnut Fudge -1lb box-$12.00
       Chocolate Pecan Toffee 1lb sack-$12.00, ½ lb. sack $8.00
       Peanut Brittle-1 lb. bag- $9.00, 1/2lb. bag-$6.00
       Assorted Chocolate Truffles 12/box-$14.00
       Sugar Free Truffles @ $15.00/ box of 12   
       Cherry Chocolates -12 / box-$14.00
          (Mix of milk chocolates and dark chocolates)
       Peanut or Pecan Clusters- 12/bag - $10.00 also have Sugar Free Clusters
       Peppermint Bark- ½# bag -$7.00

  • Spiced Pecans

      ½ lb. bags- $10.00

  • Jeff’s Caprock BBQ Sauce

       16 oz. Jar-$6.00

  • Crazy Caramel Corn

        2 Cup bag-$5.00
        4 Cup bag-$10.00

  • Quick Breads- $7.00/ 5”loaf

       Fancy Banana Bread
       Mom's Pound Cake
       Glazed Lemon Bread
       Orange Walnut Bread

  • Giant Muffins 2/bag-$6.00

       Poppy Seed

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