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  • Easy Keeping - Our cattle trace back to the Gudgell & Simpson Anxiety 4th Hereford cattle that earned their reputation on the western range. If you are looking for grass genetics to add to your program, these cattle fit the bill.
  • Linebred for decades, they deliver aggressive foraging ability matched only by their award winning carcass results.
  • Genetically Dependable - Through generations in our herd, we have only tied to a sire after we know what he is (after we have bred him to 20 of his half sisters or 10 of his daughters).
  • Nearly Problem Free - From day one we have always culled the problems (never kept a cancer eye). We watch our two year olds closely but we never help a cow calve or a calf nurse
  • ​​Longevity - We've kept the "Good Ones" for a long time. The Arrow was active until 11 years old. We've had good old cows producing into their teens.

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We are Mike and Jane Nash Deewall and we are located in south central Kansas.   We started purchasing Nash cattle in 1991 from my father Franklin Nash. Later, Dad was happy to turn over all his cattle to us. The Deewall herd of Nash bred Herefords resides in Coldwater, Kansas where Mike’s family settled in 1892.  (See more at History  Page.) We also run a herd of commercial Herefords that go back to Orville Deewall, Mike’s father, and the Par-Ker Ranch genetics. – (Colorado Domino breeding). These cattle crossed with the Nash bulls and are easy fleshing, low maintenance cattle that would work in any commercial herd.  We are carrying on the Linebred Advance Domino  & President Mischief that was established in 1914 by my father Franklin Nash and Grandfather, Walter C. Nash.

"Kansas Hereford Breeder of the Year 2016"

Over 100 Years of Nash/Deewall Herefords

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