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D Advance 908  Reg # 41155428
D Advance 908 is a  bull that worked in anyone’s grass program. He always stayed in good shape on grass. He passes his great fleshing ability on to his daughters. They are staying in great shape and are milking well. We used 908 on our heifers for 2 years and were happy that his calves averaged 73 lbs. On mature cows, birth weights averaged 80 lbs. with an actual birth weight of 88 lbs being the largest. He is the sire of, D Advance 644 (above). 908’s sisters are some of our best cows.  He certainly has the longevity gene as he was 14 year old in 2013.  He was sold 1/2 interest and possession to Mark Hanna of Texas.

D Advance 974  Reg # 43035107  DOB: 6/15/2009

D Advance 644  Reg # 42711497
D Advance 644 was born on June 15 2006, with an actual birth weight of 73 lbs. We used this extremely long, straight and correct son of D Advance 908 on heifers from 2008 to 2011 with the average actual birth weight of 70 lbs. 644's dam Lady Advance 65 was one of Daddy's last cows. She was 10 years old, when she calved 644. His calves were extremely vigorous, well marked, and uniform. For the past two years we have sent a 644 son, D Advance 182, to Colorado for the breeding season. 

Foundation Herd Bulls

The reverse D sitting on the quarter circle, was Mike's Dads brand ,and we use it on all the commercial cattle.

D Advance 304  (Doc)  Reg # 42397640 DOB: 4/5/03 Pictured at 14 years old.  He was put down on the ranch at 16 Years of Age

Adv Bear 91 Reg # 41142708
Adv 91 was a very powerful, beautiful herd bull that we lost in 2005. His dam Lady Adv 44 was a great producer and one of Daddy's last favorite cows. We sold her at 13 years of age. When Franklin Nash saw the bull he said that 91 was the fifth bull on his list of the 5 best bulls that he had ever seen in all his 87 years. 91 is a full brother to Adv 84 

Adv Red 11 Reg # 42196479
Adv Red 11 was one of our main herd bulls.We were truly impressed with his easy fleshing ability, his body type with the heavy muscling, and his great style and breed character.
We can honestly say that he has never produced a calf that we aren’t proud of. His mother, Miss V4 also was the mother to two other herd bulls that we have used in our herd, Adv 42 and V4 Advance.

D Advance 368 Reg # 42559423
 D Advabce 368 was a Adv 84 (Honey Bear) son that we used on our heifers.  His dam was D Louise 35, a 13 year old cow that we thought a lot of.  He lives up to the 35 family tradition of being smooth,heavy muscled and trim. The entire 35 family is super efficient and would work great in any grass program. 368 was three years old in this picture. His calves out of heifers was an actual avg. birth weight of 73 lbs. We have several 368 daughters or granddaughters in the herd. 

D Advance 906     Reg # 43035066

Adv 84 (Honey Bear) Reg # 41037900
Advance 84 (Honey Bear) was sired by Red Bear Adv 51. His dam, Lady Adv 44, is a daughter of Red Bear's mother. Honeybear was one of the 6 last bull calves that Daddy raised. We took five of the six to The National Western Stock Show and felt that Honey Bear was the top bull in the pen of 5 powerful bulls. Honey Bear is a full brother to Adv Bear 91 (shown below). We have several daughters and have used a son, D Adv 368, in our herd.

This bull sired by our low birth weight bull, D Advance 644, and out of an Adv Red 11 daughter. He is a very stylish, correct, thick bull that we are anxious to get his daughters in production.  

Over 100 Years of Nash/Deewall Herefords

These foundation sires will impact our herd for many generations.

The reverse 7 quarter circle was Daddy's brand. We love it's easy application and easy to read, so we had Kelly register it in Kansas, and we use it on all the registered cattle.

D Golden Advance 550 Reg # 42602440
​Birth date: 4/09/05
D Golden Advance 550 is sired by Adv Red 11 (left) and out of a Super Arrow daughter, Miss Bar None 838  . Golden Advance was an extremely thick, very clean.  We had our eye on for a herd bull, since day one. The small photo shown above was taken following a winter on very little supplementation. He was very easy fleshing! 

D Triple 8 Advance Reg # 42915311  DOB: 4/16/08
This bull was sired by D Advance 71 and is out of D Louise 903, a D Advance 22 daughter. The 903 cow was one of our best cows . We are using another of her sons(D advance 906 (on sire page) sired by D Golden Advance.We really like the current daughters that have joined the herd. They are making nice mothers , milking well, with good udders

"Kansas Hereford Breeder of the Year 2016"

coldwater kansas

Sired by D Golden Advance 550 and is out the D Louise 903. (featured in the foundation cow section.)

We sold "Doc" to Mary and Therean Towns at Placo, Ks. We were very impressed with the job that he was doing for them. We were fortunate to reacquire an interest with 1/2 possession, and are using Doc heavily. While at Towns, this "easy keeper" was run on grass and hay, and always stayed in great shape. Doc's Mother, D Louise 905, was one of the thickest cows we have ever raised-just a beautiful easy keeper. We are putting together a very good set of his daughters into our herd.   See them on the Cow Herd page.