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Over 100 Years of Nash/Deewall Herefords

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Tag Number 706 Commercial Bull

  • The Curtis family has used Nash bulls for at least sixty years that I know of.  We ran cattle in the high country (10,000 feet) and one of our concerns was high altitude sickness (big brisket). Using Nash breeding eliminated most of this loss.  We were told by cowboys riding the allotment that in other pools one of the biggest jobs was keeping bulls scattered. We never had this problem or even thought of it.  We sold our Hereford cows two years ago and now run steers. We have been able to buy the kind of steers we want because they are out of Nash breeding. These calves are from the Dino Piloni herd of Gunnison, Colorado. I guess the reason we used Nash bulls all of these years is because they are good sound bulls, with honest pedigrees, raised by honest, nice people.  - Jim Curtis     Note: Curtis steers sold direct to the same feeder for 22 years.

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  • I like the moderate frame Dewall bulls that I use on Angus cows. They produce a efficient replacement heifer and a growthy feeder steer. The bulls are extremely gentle and easy to handle. These bulls will do everything an all grass based, low in-put ranch needs to produce the kind of cattle that fit their environment.    Bill and Debbie Barby     B bar B Ranch 

D Advance 712B registration #43828392

D Advance 786B. His registration number is 43830145.

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D Advance 752B. Is registration number is 43830128

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D Advance 726B. Registration number 43828406

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  • The calves, by the Deewall bulls, are just what we hoped for. They have wonderful muscling and conformation. At branding time the calves were as calm as could be. The bulls have really stamped their calves. In not too many years these linebred bulls will have a huge impact on our cow herd. -  Philip Knobloch

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