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"Kansas Hereford Breeder of the Year 2016"

Over 100 Years of Nash/Deewall Herefords

D Miss Advance 94 with our last Doc heifer baby. She is also the mother to our 616 Herd bull.

D Miss Advance 737 Reg # 42823524
737 is an Adv Red 11 daughter out of a - O Adv 521. She is also the dam to our current herd bull D Advance 974. Her pictured bull calf is by 304 (Doc).

D Advance 304 - (Doc) Daughters in the Cow Herd

D Miss Advance 503​ Reg # 42605566
503 is a Adv Red 11 daughter out of a D Advance 22 daughter. 503 has been one of our most consistant producers, and is the mother of our current Herd sire D Advance 130. The bull calf pictured is by D Advance 974.

D Miss Advance 19  Reg # 43231241
Her calf is sired by D Advance 906 with a birth date of 4/3/14 with an actual birth weight of 77#

D Miss Advance 20   Reg. #  43327176
Her bull calf is sired by D Advance 906 with a birth date of 5/15/14 and an actual birth weight of 81# 

D Miss Advance 12  Reg # 43231234
(12’s dam D Advance 50 was a maternal sister to D Golden Advance 550)  This calf is a D Advance 906 son who birthdate is 3/19/14 with an actual birth weight of 78#. 

D Miss Advance 28 Reg #43327176

28 is sired by D Advance 304 (Doc) here as a yearling heifer

These are a few of our current Registered Hereford Cows doing a great job for us.  We work these cattle with a 4-wheeler and feed sack. If we can’t handle them, we don’t keep them. 

D Advance 304 (Doc ) See his info at Herd Sires.Daughters. 28, 201, 19, 102, 18, 12, 20 and 100.  They were our first 304 daughters in production 2014.  They have not disappointed us in 2015.

D Miss Advance 311 Reg.# 42393796
A daughter of Miss Bar None 819 and is sired by Adv 84 (Honeybear). She is definitely in our "the one of the best 5 cow category." She is the dam of D Miss Advance 90 and D Miss Advance 102. 311 has produced several nice sale bulls.  

D Miss Advance  90  Reg # 43035025  A Advance Red 11 daughter.  Also the Dam and maternal sister to our heifer herd bull, D Advance 182 ( Walter).

D Miss Advance 09   Reg # 43103184
09 is a D Golden Advance daughter, with worlds of capacity, great doing ability with a lot of Hereford style and character. Her mother's sire is Adv Bear 91. Calf at side is by 304 (Doc).

D Miss Advance 913  Reg # 43035088
Nice young Adv Red 11 daughter out of D Advance 22. Her pictured bull calf is  sired by 304 (Doc).

Cow Herd

D Miss Advance 14  Reg # 43231236
14 is a daughter of D Miss Advance 021.  Sired by D Advance 304 Doc.  Calf at side is sired by D Advance 906.

 D Miss Advance 201  Reg. #43327187
2 year old Doc daughter here  ( She is a daughter of D Miss Advance 021 who is featured in the foundation cow section). 201 is with her first calf by D Advance 182 (Walter). The birth date of her calf is 3/27/14 with and actual birth weight of 80#.

Adv Red 11   Reg # 42196479 Was one of our main herd bulls. We can honestly say that he has never produced a calf that we aren’t proud of. His mother, Miss V4 also was the mother to two other herd bulls that we have used in our herd, Adv 42 and V4 Advance.

D Miss Advance 249 

Reg# 42524487  A daughter of D Louise 35 and was sired by Red Bear. She always produces one of the top calves, mostly bulls, but we do have a couple of young daughters that we are excited about adding to the herd.

D Miss Advance 94    Reg# 43035030
94 is a full sister to 09 (right) . Her calf is by D Advance 974.  2015 new picture of her.

D Miss Advance 100 Reg #43231242

D Miss dvance 89 Reg. #42913054 

 Red 11 daughter with a D Advance 130 calf at side. Her calf ‘s birth date is 3/15/14 and has an actual birth weight of 80#

Advance Red 11 - Daughters in the Cow Herd

D Miss Advance 50  Reg.# 42602411A daughter of foundation cow #815.   50 is sired by Adv Red 11 and is one of our top cows. Several top cattlemen have picked her to be our best cow. She is an exceptionally deep bodied cow with a lot of Hereford style and character.

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D Miss Advance 223    Reg # A daughter of Miss Bar None 819 and sired by Foundation Sire, Adv 91.
We have a couple of her nice daughters in the herd, and have sold several of her sale bulls. She is another cow that always has a top calf.

D Miss Advance 102 Reg # 43231244
102 was the youngest heifer that we bred and calved about 4 weeks behind the others. Her mother D Miss Advance 311,  is one, of our top 5 cows, that we have flushed. We have 17 full siblings in the can to 102.