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  • The bred heifers that spent the summer in Colorado, were trucked back to Kansas this week in November 2013. They spent the summer and early fall on the original Franklin Nash Ranch, north of Canon City, Colo. The ranch had a great year , and the heifers have really done well. Hope to get some photos to post soon. Also, six of our sale bulls made the trip to the High Country of Colorado and passed their pap test(test for the ability to live at high altitude). These bulls were sold to long time repeat customers. Thank you! Mike & Jane
  • Tallgrass Beef Ultrasound Ron Ladner, with Tallgrass Beef, visited in mid June and scanned all our sale bulls.We were pleased, and a little surprised, that the cow that produced the highest scanning heifer, in 2008, is the dam of one of the two highest scanning bull this year.  Please call us for a copy of the scan results

2013 News

  • 93% Graded Choice!!  One of our customers purchased a set of five bulls to use on their premium Angus cows. They called to tell us they completed their feedlot program with 93% grading choice.
  • 2006 Spring National Hereford Feedout Results Deewall Steers - Carcass Wt. 807    Ribeye Area 14.3   Ribeye/cwt Live 1.13   USDA PAR   Carcass Wt. 807   Ribeye Area 13.5   Ribeye/cwt Live 1.07     2006 Test Average   Carcass Wt. 903   Ribeye Area 13.2   Ribeye/cwt Live .92   That's 23% above the test average for ribeye area per cwt live!
  • Comanche County Fair Champions  We were pleased to hear that both the Grand and Reserve Champion Steers at this year's Comanche County Fair were sired by Deewall bulls. Congratulations to David and Derek Hubbard of Oller Farms.
  • Welcome Back "Doc"   In 2005, our top selling bull, D Advance 304, aka "Doc" went to Towns Herefords. We recently visited the Towns' ranch and saw Doc and his calves. We were so impressed that we traded half interest in a young bull for half interest and 1/2 possesion of Doc. We plan to use him heavily.
  • International Visitors to Deewall Herefords -    A Russian delegation, who are importing cattle from the U.S., came by to visit our Hereford herd. They were in the states to view a shipment of cattle being held in a Western Kansas feedlot. Wanting to visit a Hereford herd that had been linebred for many years, they visited us. We had a good time trying to answer their questions and showing them all the cattle. 

Older News and Carcass Contests Results

  • Whose Who?  With the lost art of horn branding, there's no need to ask whose who. It's a wonderful tool for identifying the cattle with their tattoo number on the left horn and their sire's number on the right. No lost tags here!
  • GOP - National Hereford Feed Out   We have participated since 2004 in the feed out placing first in 2004 for the best yield grades and largest rib eye. In 2005, we placed second.

The archived news from previous years posted here.  Information that is still an interesting read.

2012 News

Archived News

  • Hereford America visit Deewall Herefords - In September, Marc Hotchkiss, editor of the Hereford America newspaper, stopped by for a visit. Mark snapped these photos of our senior herd bull Adv Red 11 and his son Golden Advance 550. The bulls had been pulled, from a summer out with the cows, about three weeks before this photo was taken.   SEMEN IS NOW AVAILABLE ON BOTH  OF THESE OUTSTANDING BULLS
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