These cows have been the foundation of our current herd and the basis of our program. 
D Louise 913
Reg. # 41155436

913 was a granddaughter of Adv Lady Y15. She is sired by D Advance 22. The calf at side, D Advance 712 (Reg.# 42823528) turned out to be one of the best bulls in his group. We sold him as a three year old into Mo. for a herd bull. We have several nice daughters of 913 in the herd. 913 was struck by lightning in 2012 at 13 years old.
Miss Bar None 819
Reg # 41030357

​819 was sired by -O ADV 521. She is the mother of 223,311 and 01.  She actually shows up in the maternal side of 19 of our current cows, as daughters, granddaughters or great granddaughters.  She was 13 when we sold her in the drought downsizing of the herd.
D Miss Advance 021
Reg. # 42077196

021 is sired by D Advance 62 - Reg 30339268 (D Advance 22 son) Her dam Lady Adv Y15 was one of the original six cows that we purchased from Daddy in 1991."  Y15 was 14 years old when we sold her.  The calf at 021's side was sold as a sale bull into Montana. His birth date is 3/12/10 with an actual birth weight of 80lbs. We have a couple daughters in the herd that are making really nice young cows. We lost 021 in 2012 at 10 years of age.
Miss Bar None 815
Reg. # 41030360

815 was a fancy Adv Red 11 daughter that almost always produced bulls. We are so fortunate to have four very nice daughters, One, D Adv 50 we consider one of our top cows. We sold 815 in 2012 at 14 years of age. 
D Cortez 405
Reg. # 42524474

405 was sired by D Advance 71 and out of a Adv 42 daughter (Adv 42 was a bull that Daddy gave us.His Mother was the old V4 cow (right). Calf at side is  D Advance 016 Reg. # 43103188, sired by D Golden Advance 550. Birth date 3/5/10 with an actual birth weight of 85 lbs. 
D Louise 35
Reg. # 19371203

D Lousie 35D Louise 35 was 14 when we sold her. She is the mother of D Advance 368 ( Reg # 42559423), a bull we used on replacement hefiers from 2008-2010. 35 is also the dam of three cows D Miss Advance 249,  D Miss Advance 60 and D Miss Advance 303.  35 is the grandmother to full sisters D Advance 09 and D Miss Advance 94.
Lady Adv 65
Reg # 19585336

Lady Adv 65 was 12 years old when we sold her. She is the dam of the 644 bull that we used on replacement heifers from 2009-2011.
D Louise 903
Reg. # 41155430

D Louise 903 is a daughter of D Advance 22. Her dam's sire was ADV Z146. 903 was the Dam to two of our current herd bulls, D Triple 8 Advance,and D Advance 906. We have sold several good bulls out of 903 and have several females in the herd that go back to her.
Miss Bar None 838 & Heifer Calf
Reg # 41030356

​She was the dam of Golden Advance 550, a herd bull that we used two seasons before he got hurt.  We have some really nice granddaughters in the herd. 
"Many of our favorite mature cows had to go to town during the drought in the past few years.  It is like loosing one of the family." - Mike and Jane Deewall
Adv Miss V4
Reg # 19230467

Adv Miss V4 was a very sound cow that was in production up to 15 years old. She was the mother to 3 of our herd sires, Adv Red 11, Adv 42, and V4’s Advance. She was Daddy’s last, and only, cow that he ran with his old horse for three years after he sent us the remainder of his cows. When he decided that Colorado was too rough for her, he sent her to us.  We had three more calves by her.  She is the most influential cow in our herd in that she shows up 56 times in pedigrees of cows.
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D Miss Advance 233
Reg # 42323935

233 is an Adv 91 daughter and out of a Big Arrow daughter # 221,that was one of the best and most productive cows we have ever raised. (221 was the mother to herd sire D Advance 71, and the grandmother of our foundation sire D Advance 304-Doc)